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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Learn Gujarati to English easily & fastly with the best free Gujarati dictionary!

Learn Gujarati to English easily & fastly with the best free Gujarati dictionary!

Welcome to Gujarati Dictionary – the easiest way to learn gujarati language fastly within your android smartphone or tablet.

Learn Gujarati to English easily & fastly with the best free Gujarati dictionary!

Our new English to Gujarati app is a light weight and elegant tool. You can find over 73000 english words with their gujarati meanings for Free on your smartphone! You can easily search for any word you want and we will take care of giving the meaning of it. And the best thing is that you can take quizes to test your knowledge in this Indo-Aryan language. આ પણ વાંચો : તમારા બાળકને અંગ્રેજી મેડિયમ માં ભણાવવા કે ગુજરાતી મેડીયમ માં જુવો આ વિડિયો

Gujarati language is spoken by over 50 million people around the world and we know that learning it will not be too easy without a powerful and free tool to let you learn it in a fast and fun way.

Why choose to download and install Gujarati Dictionary app on your android smartphone or tablet for free instead of other english to gujarati apps’? આ પણ વાંચો : પ્રધાનમંત્રી આયુષમાન ભારત યોજના પૂરી માહિતી

✓ We have a very Easy Interface to use, so everyone can use it simply without watching any tutorial. We worked hard to make everything easier to you. In the main screen, you will be able to see all words. There, you can type the english word that you are looking for and we will take care of finding the meanings of this word in Gujarati language.

✓ Start using our english to Gujarati app without creating an account, so, download it now and start using it within a few seconds.

✓ The best thing is that our english to Gujarati app is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees, no special memberships and no annual subscription. Everything is free here! આ પણ વાંચો : SIP AND MUTUAL FUND CALCULATOR

✓ We will keep you updated with latest words in this language.

✓ Clear and very easy to use user interface.

✓ Our developers team worked hard to develop a new smart offline mode. This offline mode will help you to use our app anywhere and anytime without having a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G internet connection! So, even if you are not connected, you can keep learning.

✓ Perfect app for travelers! This, will help you to learn and talk gujarati language with people easily!

✓ Learning a new language can not be done with a simple dictionary! We should put you in real cases to see if you will be able to speak with it or not. And that’s why, we developed a new quiz inside Gujarati dictionary! To take the quiz, you can easily tap the option icon in the top left side of the screen and choose quiz.  Now, you will see a word in the screen with 4 answers, you will have to tap the answer that you think its right to see if it’s the good choice or not. Keep in mind, that there’s a countdown timer and if it finishes without a reply from you, then the quiz will ends.


Download Dictionary Pdf from Here

✓ You can see your real-time results in the top of the screen. If your answer is wrong, then we will show you the right one. Do not forget to keep it in mind.

✓ Our app is lightweight and it doesn’t affect the battery energy. So, you can use it as much as you want without worrying about your battery energy or battery life.

✓ Want to save a word meaning in the favorites? Tap the heart button and we will add this word automatically in your favorites. You can easily access to it anytime within the favorites choice in the options menu. આ પણ વાંચો : જન્મ અને મરણ નો દાખલો ઓનલાઇન

✓ We have a integrated a text to speech feature to let you hear the english words that you are looking for.

✓ Share any word and its meaning easily with your friends on other social media apps with the share word button in the bottom right side of the screen.

✓ We will automatically save any word that you searched. You can easily access to it later within the history choice in the options menu.

So, What are you waiting for ? Download Gujarati Dictionary now and enjoy learning gujarati language in a very easy way! We guarantee that you can learn over 75000 english words meaning by using our app.

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