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Saturday, March 20, 2021

4200 Grade Pay Official circular.

4200 Grade Pay Official circular. 

Introduction from the public name under the reference () dated 03/01/20% of the Education Department.  Recruitment rules for Assistant Education Inspector were to be published.  

According to the provisions of its recruitment rules, Frederick Cadre was considered as the Assistant Education Inspector and accordingly, the primary teachers were entitled to the first ૨ chartar pay scale) i.e. after the salary standard of ltgfish education inspectors.  

As there was no promotion cadre, they were entitled to second and third salary as per the schedule prescribed by the Finance Department on 16th DR / 5/11, 69th No : Pagar - 105-9-7, A. (m), Under the reference (2) of Naina department, published on 17/01/2017. 

The allowance rules of the head teacher cadre were circulated.  Provision was made in the Uka Declaration to fulfill the prescribed qualifications for promotion on the post or to get higher salary standard, thus, the primary teachers will be given the date 03/04/2014 of public names ug૨va  Assistant Education Inspector  

And since there are two vacancies for promotion as Narar headmaster in the announcement dated 19/1/2016, the discrepancy related to their higher pay scale has been exacerbated and the position of the headmaster has been mentioned under reference (2) of this department dated 7/12/918.  

If they want to get the promotion, they have to decide to meet the first (higher pay scale).  

Subsequently, under the reference (2) of the Department of Food, the recruitment rules for the headmaster from the city name dated 7/09/2018, 216 para.  

Subsequently, the Meti Rules of the Madanish Kelavani Inspector, 216 થી were enacted in the name of Nahin under reference (3) dated 3191 2112 of this section.  According to the provisions of these rules, the head teacher cadre has been included instead of the primary teachers as the feeder cadre of the Assistant Education Inspector.  

Thus, there should be no room for direct promotion for primary teachers as well as promotion of head teachers.

Inconsistency regarding the higher pay scale for primary teachers to be prevalent (j situation. 

J. Consideration regarding removal of these discrepancies was made at the end of this section under reference 

(1) by the public name dated 18/01 / 20-21 of this section.  Oti Allowance Rules have been amended and under Sandary 

(2) Urol dated 31.01 / 20-21 from the announcement of Recruitment Rules of Assistant Training Inspectors, 2021 Q-Pay-e-Khawa, then with reference to 15/7/21

(3) It has been allowed to consider the Head Teacher, Class-3 cadre as academic cadre, circular in the above details, the name of this department dated 19/01/2071 and the resolution dated 21/1/21 as well as the resolution dated 17/03/30 have been implemented.  Ho ', to the primary teachers and head teachers in the primary schools owned by the District Education Committee / argar Education Committee of the State, in the first, second Sports Zin Higher Salary Standard of Relation published under reference (1) to (2)  Resolutions. 

'The matter of interpretation according to the incidental kaffaras made in it  In order to maintain uniformity, in view of the fact that there is no change in the original provisions of all the declarations and resolutions mentioned in it, the following general explanation is issued with respect to those provisions.

પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો


Primary teacher cadre to be the feeder cad of the head teacher cadre, primary teachers  As the first higher salary standard, higher salary of headmasters is eligible for Std-3 

Promotion to the post of Assistant Education Inspector for the head teacher, i.e. there is no compulsory promotion for the head teacher but the head teacher who wanted to be promoted.  Only dll remains to pass the relevant examination.  Thus, the head teacher's cadre is a lone class.  ‘|  If the teacher's cadre is considered to be a teacher's cadre, then DI'M's dirty me mokaki, randharma hovo ||  Pa.   1 Shaws Pare Muvya  isb, mar dhajya d dia // viare ko!  ) Jaya at lil, (mo) wano insurance |  Prapa lill yvuM a nala ne +] \ A [\ Mo |  kuldi 11 yi mare pankhar por "thay, mutelk maat prayas vsv li [i koi jagya pan hoye teno teno teno teno ekanki mujro alna ગmag oll  Subject to the provisions of the aforesaid humanitarian reforms, the Department of Finance delays the issuance of Tilal.  In such cases, they will be eligible to pay half of the applicable salary as per the applicable provisions of the five pay scales of the Forest Department.

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