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Friday, December 11, 2020

Education news update on date.12/12/2020

 It was decided that the headmaster of the state schools would now be considered in the academic cadre, instead of education only the higher નું 200-200-200 academic will be considered in the Gujarat state main cadre. In addition to the pay scale and direct recruitment, like the teachers made by the teachers' union, the decision to consider the cadre of head teachers as 200-300-200 was also taken as a vacation. However, it is learned that the headmaster's cadre should be considered as vacation only by the head teachers who have been changed in the setup like the teacher and other options for the cadre of the headmaster are still being considered in the government. Will be given. According to the information received from the Assistant Education, it has been decided to give the higher salary of 12-13 to the Gujarat Inspector of State Headmasters' Association, taluka and standard. Navgujarat time> Was. If the representations are made to the government later, then the financial loss will be justified by taking the questions of the Gujarat State Chief HTAT regarding the teacher. Was stated. The headmaster will be done in any semi-direct manner following which the government will pass his type of departmental examination. It may also be decided by the union that the Assistant Education Inspector has been appointed by resolving the examination questions and giving higher pay scale without proper decision. Changed to over setup. In which the headmaster was stated by the union. Alternatives are being considered by the government for the existing head teachers as the other cadre was formerly a promoted teacher

The camp was held under the chairmanship of Rajkot DPEO. After the camp, there were 40 vacancies in Dhoraji, 6 vacancies in Upleta. The remaining teachers in Rajkot will be included in other talukas through the district camp. In 11 talukas of the district, after the government primary teacher sarbhar camp, in Dhoraji, government primary, i.e. Std. So the teacher compensation camp was started. Teachers can be accommodated in Dhoraji even after the camp. Can be accommodated after camp. However, there were vacancies for 540 teachers in primary and 6 teachers in Upleta and 40 teachers in upper primary. 20 then 10 seats remained vacant in upper primary. Rajkot DPEO in both the talukas. D.R. The space was empty. The teachers in Upleta will be called to the district camp in the same way. . In Dhoraji, the camp of 6 teachers was held only on Friday. At that time, the camp was held at various places in other talukas. In which there would be 6 vacancies against the killing of a teacher, but there were only 6 vacancies to accommodate the growing number of teachers. So that will be given to 3 teachers only

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