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Friday, November 13, 2020

WhatsApp is also chatting more with which person, find out with this easy trick one minute

We are explaining this to you through a special feature, which lets you know who has done the most WhatsApp chatting with whom ...

New Delhi: WhatsApp has become the most popular application in India, the number of users on it is increasing day by day.  People are now chatting on WhatsApp, as WhatsApp has become a major means of communication.  But did you know that you are talking to Elbow the most on WhatsApp?  As soon as you open the setting, some options will appear in front of you.  You have to tap the Data and storage usage option.


After this you will see the option of storage usage, tap on this.
Taping on Storage Usage will bring up a long list of what WhatsApp users have taken up and how much storage space they have.

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