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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Matter of postponing the decision to start secondary and higher secondary school

Matter of postponing the choice to start out secondary and better secondary schools.
Education Department's reading of the resolution against 18/11/2020 against all the boards of the state's secondary And it had been decided to start out higher secondary schools from 23/11/2020. But at the present , the choice to start out secondary and better secondary schools within the state has been postponed thanks to the transition to Corona (Covid-19). . Children from nomadic communities like Waghri also started coming to high school . With the rise within the number of faculties , the standard of education has increased. . Founded ‘Balat Upavan’ in 1986 with the cooperation of scholars and youth. Today it's developed. Also, about five hundred trees were planted in Hanuman's place half a kilometer far from the village. He was also mentioned with care.

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Today the varsity , Baltaru Upavan and Hanuman are replaced by trees. In 1987, Lakhanka School was selected because the best school within the district by about 120 students and therefore the work of this school pass by only two teachers. That was the appreciation of the villagers and therefore the teacher. In 1988, five illiteracy prevention centers were started within the village. The literate youth of the village gave their full cooperation.

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