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Saturday, November 21, 2020


Voter list reform program is underway by the committee . Forms are going to be accepted by the BLO at polling stations on Sunday, reduce the quantity of latest voters to be added also on make necessary corrections.
India's committee , New Delhi's 7/08/2020 letter numbers: 23/202109 - ERS from the terms of the eligibility of the eligibility of the eligibility of the eligibility, the special brief improvement program has been declared Saturday, the number of 11/08/20 and 2020 and also the espionage of voting, a special brief reform program of voting within the 11/09/2020, has given detailed instructions about 2021. consistent with the revised program approved by the committee - the amount of accepting claims and objection requests is fixed from 09/11/2020 (Monday) to .15 / 12/2020 (Tuesday), and the voter's list starting on the idea of 09/11/2020, is at the program .22 / 11/2020 ( the times of this special campaign will need to perform the subsequent work. The designated officer will got to organize special arrangements to simply accept the claim and objection requests by 10:00 hours within the morning by 10:00 hours within the evening to 05:00 hours.

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. The Sundays of 19-1-2050 are organized as special campaign days. the small print of this program are as follows. deadline for accepting claims, claims and objections.  Dt. 15-1-2050 (Sunday), to make a decision on the rights received, claims and final disposal. Preparation of supplementary lists by 2-1-2050 (Monday). By 2-4-2050 (Tuesday), the ultimate publication of the voter list is on. it'll air 7-9-2050 (Friday).

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