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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Important Information Booklet For The Safety Of The Patient After The Treatment Of Covid-19.

This information booklet is dedicated to the courage and bravery of the victorious warriors who overcame the Covid-19 transition.  Friends, after recovering from Koro's infection, the person is given some instructions for precaution after taking leave from the hospital.

We have tried to present these suggestions in a very interesting way through this booklet.  Hopefully this booklet will help you to lead a healthy life.  In the current situation, it is very important to have foresight and safety at every stage of life.  You will follow the instructions specified in this survey booklet and help in raising the life mantra of Hope, Health, Happiness in our society by overcoming the transition to corona.  !!  

•  Best wishes from the Life Foundation in association with Sterling Hospital! 

Congratulations on overcoming the Covid-19 transition and recovering !!

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Home Care Precautions It is not advisable to use public transport to get home from the hospital. Arrange to stay in a separate room for at least seven days after arriving home. Care should be taken to prevent recurrence of fever or shortness of breath.  If any such problem is found, contact the hospital immediately.

Follow the instructions given to you while taking leave from the hospital. Do not violate social distance. Do not organize party / meeting etc.  Don't go to events like ceremonies .Presented to the public interest in collaboration with Stirling Hospital by the AdLife Foundation તો Matters to follow at home Stay away from other members of the household Adhere to social distance, Eo Stay safe at home for at least 7 days.  Take good care of your health.  If you notice a problem, contact the hospital or the nearest health unit immediately.  7 DAYS Contact any visitor at home.

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