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Thursday, November 12, 2020

How can you get ₹50 Lakh Gas Cylinder insurance 2021

Yes, which clearly means that if the LPG cylinder ruptures while cooking or an accident occurs, the victim's family will get insurance up to Rs 50 lakh.

According to a survey, at least 100 cylinders explode every year in India. People are deprived of compensation because they have no knowledge of it.

How can you get ₹50 Lakh Gas Cylinder insurance 2021?

However this compensation is provided by the insurance company. For this the LPG company takes out a public liability policy to the insurance company for its customers. Which is third party insurance. For this the LPG company pays a large amount to the insurance company every year.

[Updates]_Free Rs.50 Lakh Gas Cylinder insurance

Scheme Name : ₹50 Lakh Gas insurance

Category : Public

Type : Rural/Urban

Post Date : 17/09/20
There is no need to pay customers for this, this was not insurance in the name of the individual under the public liability policy, but it is for the LPG customer and his family, with whom any mishap happens.

This clearly means that the insurance company compensates the victim and his family under the public liability policy if any mishap occurs with the customer. If the company is reluctant to pay compensation to the aggrieved party or the aggrieved party is not satisfied with the amount of compensation, it can go to court.

In the event of an LPG cylinder accident, the court determines the amount of compensation based on the victim's age, income and other conditions.

It is common to see LPG cylinders exploding, damaging homes, injuring household members, or even killing people. The amount of compensation is then determined on the basis of the loss.

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The amount of compensation is paid by the insurance companies, for which the victim only has to make a claim. If the aggrieved party does not claim this compensation, no compensation will be granted. This is why insurance companies offer these returns on the basis of a public liability policy, which does not have a person's special name, but can be reimbursed only on click.

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