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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Educational news on 15 november 

The child speaks naturally with his family members, in his black dialect, but when the child comes to school, his speech becomes less.  And he sits quietly in the classroom with a sense of humor, and as the class progresses, his instinct to speak, or even, his temper, diminishes. 

Why so ??  PN The scope for the child to express spontaneously or to showcase the specific skills he / she possesses, is less in our classroom teaching work or can be said to be negligible!  In our classroom, the child should be given the opportunity to express his thoughts, feelings and feelings independently as he speaks to his family.  An environment should be created in which his skills are presented in a physical, verbal or literal manner. 

"Natyakala" is very useful for creating such an environment.  Here drama has to be adopted as a method of education.  Through drama, a person can express himself with originality.  And through that, his whole personality can develop.  If we go to the concept of drama, perhaps, this art seems to be a burden in our primary education.  But our purpose is to make it easily useful in our day-to-day teaching work and at the same time, a fun and meaningful activity.  In a language teaching textbook, most of the lessons can be transformed into a play or a simple dialogue.

The teacher, by adapting the subject matter in the form of a play, the expected abilities can be instinctively assimilated in the child.  The child learns or tries to memorize the text of the lesson to answer the test or when asked.  But it does not succeed, and if it succeeds, it is limited to a limited time.  Give or write the correct answer today.  He can't give the right answer tomorrow.  Because it is recessed.  While the subject matter which the child learns through drama, dialogue or acting.

  It is assimilated.  The assimilated is never forgotten, always remembered.  This dramatic method gives the child ample opportunity to express himself independently.  Originality also has ample scope.  Plus, the activity is fun and exciting.  When it comes to drama, the lack of things like costumes, theater, materials comes to our mind ... Let's take the idea of   this thing together.  But here, it must be better if there is this stuff ... it's not.  Even without the content, the text can be played nicely in the play.  At the same time, let's keep in mind another thing - we have to use it in our daily teaching practice.  So that it is commonly used.  E.g.  Lesson 8 'Bird's General Assembly' lesson.

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